These bad birds have been hanging around the back yard, looking like delinquents on the street corner. The one below is an immature Cooper’s Hawk sitting in our burr oak. It is staring past the empty bird feeders toward the evergreen bushes where the sparrows like to hang out. The Cooper’s got flustered and flew away when I stepped a little closer.

Cooper’s Hawks are rather opportunistic birds and bird feeders present a splendid opportunity. They also engage in “still hunting,” or just waiting patiently until dinner presents itself.

I filled the feeders yesterday afternoon, drawing all sorts of sparrows and other birds – like this one.

And then it flew straight up and into the bushes.

I waited to see if it caught a bird slow of wing. I missed the exit, but a bit later my roomie saw the Cooper’s at the edge of the driveway. After it was gone, we checked the spot. There was a small pile of feathers from a small bird. Guess the hunt was a success.